Thanks for visiting my Blog. You can find a list of my most recent posts to the right or below depending on your screen size, The source code for this blog is fully open-sourced and can be found on my github page which can be found in the footer or clicking here . The entire code base is licensed under BSD-3-Clause which requires forks to retain the same license however unlike a GPL License the BSD License does not require you to open source your code if you don't want to.

About Me

For those interested I am someone who has always been interested in computers and have used practically everything out there from MXM Upgradable laptops to Dual Socket CPU builds. I have been using computers since a very young age and have acquired a lot of knowledge over this time that I hopefully can share in an easy to read manner on this blog.

Politically I lean heavily on the right, if I were to identify myself as a ideology it would be libertarian however I don't agree with everything from any specific party. I rarely vote as I find politicians liars they create the problems then campaign around the solution it's stupid. Polcompball Wiki has a good description and covers likes and dislikes on ideologies if you are unfamiliar which can be found here . For those in the know it should go without saying that economically I lean heavily toward the Austrian school of thought which for those unaware what that means I have provided a comparison to the Keynesian school of thought here .

Based on that it should be no surprise I am interested in Cryptocurrencies based on the original value which is to remove government from money. A lot of people entering the space post 2016 I would say are here to make fiat (government money dollars, euros, etc.). I like to read many books and posts online that most would call long/boring about economics and the system. I want to fully understand things before making any opinions, because of this I am very open minded on topics and try to understand every side of things. I also wish to discuss those conclusions here. If you don't understand cryptocurrency or are interested in learning why bitcoin is important vs the altcoins most people buy these days I would strongly suggest reading The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.

I am at altruist at the core and believe in giving back more than we receive I hope to give back to others with many different guides on this blogs covering a range of topics. I encourage everyone to give back something to those in need, I have linked 2 awesome youtube channels below on this topic.

* All opinions on this blog are my own you are more than welcome to disagree with anything.